If required our employees will work under the supervision of the commissioning company. We’ll carry out the work on the end-customer’s premises if required. We have long-term experience of commissions that require on-site expert input. We always operate within the boundaries of confidentiality.

In addition to our permanent employees, we also maintain a comprehensive register of ICT experts enabling us to rapidly find the right people for you. To do this, we recruit silent job seekers, direct job seekers and use public announcements. We are specialised in seeking ICT experts. Our headhunting method is an effective way of finding qualified people quickly. If necessary, we will also train newly recruited employees in required areas of expertise and technological solutions.

If we are unable to find suitable experts from our register, the headhunting process will continue with us as follows:

  1. Review of objectives together with the customer.
  2. Defining the sought expert’s required characteristics and background.
  3. Contacting potential experts; we will typically use our register and a direct search,
  4. Receiving of applications, processing and initial selection,
  5. Interviews, assessments, work samples, aptitude check,
  6. Introduction of applicant(s) to the customer
  7. Final interviews, references check, selection,
  8. Possible mutually agreed supplementary training,
  9. Checking customer satisfaction.