Software Development

We provide software production services for software development.

If required our employees will work under the supervision of the commissioning company. We’ll carry out the work on the end-customer’s premises if required. We have long-term experience of commissions that require on-site expert input. We always operate within the boundaries of confidentiality.

Our special area of competence is highly complex mobile phone, base station and telecommunication software solutions and embedded systems. We have also strong competence in the world of the web and mobile software development.

Embedded systems
Mobile phone, base station and telecommunication software solutions
Web and mobile software defelopment

We provide our expertise for use in bespoke customer software projects. We create completely customer-lead software solutions using their tools and specifications or by customising our existing base solutions and libraries or we can develop totally new customer needs-based software solutions. We also have extensive experience of software integration.

Our experts typically work remotely in multisite projects. Our customers can manage such projects, subject to prior agreement, and the work itself can be done either in the customers’ or our facilities. We also have substantial experience of international projects. Since 2004 we have carried out demanding commissions for frontline ICT companies. Our references are confidential. Our company is recognised and valued for its responsible approach and high quality work.

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