Software Development

We offer software production and development contracting services.

ICT professionals at your service – we instil success!

We are a trusted partner in software product development. We offer your company an efficient and smooth cooperation partnership in software planning, testing, specification, consulting and demanding implementation.

We will be your efficient expert and versatile toolbox even in the most challenging software projects.

Guarantee customer satisfaction, increase your productivity and improve competitiveness – we are committed and put every effort into our customers’ projects.

Software production subcontractor

Our quality control operation is an ever advancing process. Our main quality objective is customer-mindedness and at the very least we aim to fulfil our customers’ and other stakeholders’ demands and to do as we promise.

New software product testing and development

Since 2004 we have carried out demanding commissions for frontline ICT companies. Our references are confidential. Our company is recognised and valued for its responsible approach and high quality work.

Our products are of a high standard, we deliver as agreed

Satisfied customers form the foundation of our services and guarantee continuity. Trust and ever crucial confidentiality as regards our customers’ business operations are important to us – we are proficient in these issues and respect them to the highest degree. At the same time we are approachable and it is easy to work with us.

We can also guarantee that our services and expertise are up-to-date – we embrace and learn the new fast and our service operations are continuously developing. We create relations with suitable partners and look to the future. Our reward is to achieve success in collaboration with our customers.

We offer efficient, high quality and reliable product development and ICT consulting services.


We have often been involved in classified development projects protected by confidentiality agreements and for this reason we cannot and are not willing to publish the names of our customers. This has proved successful in the past and we will continue to act accordingly.

The following provides some information on our customer base:

  • Several customer bases
  • Almost all of our customer relationships are long-term
  • We receive positive feedback from our customers
  • Various different sectors

Our customers value our commitment, expertise and experience. Our typical customer is a large or medium large ICT company that is continuously involved in product and service development while developing its own operations.

Software Development

We provide software production services for software development.

If required our employees will work under the supervision of the commissioning company. We’ll carry out the work on the end-customer’s premises if required. We have long-term experience of commissions that require on-site expert input. We always operate within the boundaries of confidentiality.

Our special area of competence is highly complex mobile phone, base station and telecommunication software solutions and embedded systems. We have also strong competence in the world of the web and mobile software development.

Embedded systems

Mobile phone, base station and telecommunication software solutions

Web and mobile software development

We provide our expertise for use in bespoke customer software projects. We create completely customer-lead software solutions using their tools and specifications or by customising our existing base solutions and libraries or we can develop totally new customer needs-based software solutions. We also have extensive experience of software integration.

Our experts typically work remotely in multisite projects. Our customers can manage such projects, subject to prior agreement, and the work itself can be done either in the customers’ or our facilities. We also have substantial experience of international projects.

Since 2004 we have carried out demanding commissions for frontline ICT companies. Our references are confidential. Our company is recognised and valued for its responsible approach and high quality work.


Our success is based on our competent and qualified staff. We seek and employ the best possible people for the job and we aim to keep them with us. We provide our employees with everything they need for personal and professional development and learning in a challenging environment and an organisation that boasts clear objectives and where the success of the company and its staff is considered a mutual objective. Great team playing forms the basis of all our activities.

Our commissions are in progress and we are constantly searching for qualified experts via silent job seeking. We aim to notify the public of vacant positions via the Ministry of Labour’s online TE Services and from time to time via the classified advertisements in newspapers.

Send us your open application and CV (download template here: WordLibreOffice) by email to address ville.kemppainen(at), if you wish us to include you when we are seeking employees.

Bachelor’s Theses

Engineering students, we encourage you to apply to us for a practical training place and/or to complete your Bachelors theses for us.

During the practical training period, we supervise and carry out different types of software related jobs with our trainees. Theses and practical training are a significant part of our recruitment process. Typically, students come to us to do their practical training via the “fast lane” so we can get to know you and you us, ensuring that our customers get what they order.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Let’s have a chat about whether you could complete your theses with us and/or do your practical training here. For us, this is nothing new; many students from different universities of applied sciences and universities have done their theses with us – and many of our current employees are our former trainees!

Development projects

In addition to customer projects, we do our own development projects.
Current projects:

The possibilities of software robotics and artificial intelligence

The goal of the development project is the utilization of artificial intelligence, data analytics and software robotics in software development.

Concretely, this means that:

  1. The project will develop a service product and a business model that utilizes robotic process automation.
  2. The project investigates and tests the possibilities of using software robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics in traditional software development.

The project is co-funded by the European Union. Co-funding has been granted by ELY Centre.

Contact us

Get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss your company’s software subcontracting, new software product, ICT consulting and recruitment service requirements. All contacts will be treated as strictly confidential.

Ville Kemppainen (Kajaani)
+358 50 300 3583
ville.kemppainen (ät)

Arto Karjalainen (Kajaani)
Founder & Chairman of the Board
+358 50 352 4037
arto.karjalainen (ät)

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